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Savings and Investments

Most people will have some form of savings in place. Savings can be for a specific purpose, like paying for your children’s education or paying off your mortgage early. You may just want to build up a “rainy day fund” that can help you deal with unexpected costs or finance some home improvements, or you may already have a lump sum that you want to put aside for the future.
With such low interest rates, we are finding that our clients are now seeking alternatives to help grow their money. There are options available to you that can get your money working hard for you and potential for tax efficient growth with a choice of investment options.

It might be time to look into a longer-term plan for your savings. Longer-term saving typically involves some element of risk. While the majority of investment products involve an element of risk, over the long term they may give you a better return than a simple savings account.

With any investment product, you need to thoroughly consider the level of risk involved.

At IMC we will bring you through a process which measures and explains in clear English your attitude to risk and reward and we will also look at your capacity for capital loss if any. We will only recommend an investment that you arte totally comfortable with and understand.

There is a suitable investment for you, whether you are looking for a guarantee of your initial investment or want to build your own portfolio. You might want early access or be in a position to leave your money invested for the medium to long term.

It is important to get good independent advice before you make any decision.

Remember investing in a high-risk product could result in you losing some or all of your money

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